26 November 2009

Is the Snow Deep Enough for Us to Dance in

In order to commemorate Thanksgiving today, I wore clean underwear.

Then I had an allergic reaction to something I ate, or just something in general.

And just because someone enjoys your service doesn't mean they enjoy it enough to tip you on holidays. Just an FYI.

Bed before 9:30. Gift card extravaganza tomorrow.
So excited.


I'm gonna go have a fit of cool epilepsy now,

23 November 2009

6 Ft 8

I was racking the few brains I have, trying to come up with something to blog about. Not that I don't have anything to say and thus this post is worthless, but mostly because the thing I do have to say is probably worthless, but I just want to savor the moment...?
Yeah, let's roll with that.

Today was a productive day.
And by productive, I mean I sat down and watched five episodes of America's Next Top Model.
If that doesn't scream PRODUCT, I don't know what does.
I was excited that for once, I actually liked both girls in the finals. Also, the girl I picked from Day 1 was the champion supreme. Mmmhmm. Her winning, is like a double win for me. (I am nodding in silent victory to myself as I type, don't know how I feel about that...)

Moving on:
Besides catching up on ANTM, this is a very nice week.
Even though I am working every single day, I have no school and am really looking forward to seeing friends home from college.
I am excited to just be.
Not be running around or finishing a school assignment.
To just be.

In other news; I totally had mashed potatoes for dinner and they were delicious. Counting down the days, Molly.

In case you were not aware--

To not seeing Tyra Bank's face again anytime soon,

19 November 2009

Correct(ed) Over Time

I've never wanted April to come faster in my life.
(sounds like the opening to some erotic fiction, but it's not)
I think I have blog Tourettes, sorry.


17 November 2009

No Distance Showing

Attempt # 49 to put off my history paper:

13 November 2009

Discard and Discover?

It's amazing how the little things can set me off, at least inwardly.

I suppose that's how we can determine what we're really passionate about, and who we truly love.

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09 November 2009

Gibberish Slurs

So I finally decided to spend the iTunes gift card I got for my birthday. Well, most of it.
I obviously bought the bonus tracks from the album of the artist(s?) whose names I shall not mention for fear of beating a dead horse.
Also bought Iron On (Kate Cooper!)'s old EP and another album I've been meaning to pick up, Spoons by Wallis Bird.

Now, one of the benefits of enjoying guitar powered music and playing the guitar is that the two can go together. Crazy, I know. Bear with me.

However, I neither have the time or experience to be completely stellar at guitar. Mostly I just mess around and play the same couple songs over and over, repeat.
But listening to Wallis, who rocks the acoustic (and has an amazing Irish accent to boot), I believe I have found the key to becoming a strumming genius.

All I need to do is have a traumatic accident occur in which I lose most of the fingers on my right hand and have all but one of them reattached. Score. Key. Instant success. It has definitely worked for Wallis.

Wait. I don't believe Kaki King has had anything traumatic happen to her digits. Flawed again. Going with hierarchy, Kaki wins any day in my book and thus I shall spare my fingers. That and I'm kinda attached to my pinky finger. Too bad. I really thought I was on to something.

Still a ten-fingered, rambling, guitar player;

01 November 2009

Step Up Stranger

So candidate numero tres is a no.

It was a somewhat heart-breaking decision to make as this was the only candidate we've pursued (this far) that we've had to reject. It's also unfortunate because we really liked him as a person, but just didn't see a ministry fit. And his wife is phenomenal. Everyone that met her asked, "Can we hire her?"
Sadly, no.

So we're back to square two...or three. I've lost track.

We also collectively admitted that this process is tiring and we're wearied. We are doing our best to find the best fit for West Side and for the Youth and we don't want to settle. For my two cents, I don't think the candidate that the committee is "looking" for can be found. No one is going to fit every one of their criteria. But then again I am a cynical optimist.

I really liked dude #2. He was reserved, but with a substantial depth. After being around him, to quote a comment I heard, "you really got the sense that he cared about you as a person and wanted to get to know you more." I think that THAT is youth ministry and really any form of ministry. I think it's all in the personal relationships.

And ironically enough, the main hang-up with him seems to be his wife. She doesn't seem ready to make a major move geographically or emotionally. She seems really attached to where she is (I went back and fixed the grammatical error there, all for you, Molls).
Albeit, we're not hiring the spouse, it's still something to consider as we want the person we hire to be supported on all fronts.

It's just so drawn and arduous.
But we're in it for the long-haul.

I just wish we had something tangible.

To commemorate, I have chosen this comic: