24 November 2008

Made out of Blood and Rust

Today was a good day.

Being three days into Thanksgiving break, I have thus far kept a successful record of putting off my Latin Civilization paper.
It's getting colder outside, which makes me want to do two things: walk around aimlessly--watching my breath, and curl up and read with some hot cocoa.

The past few days, I have also enjoyed spending time bonding with my tall friend, Maribeth, through our mutual enjoyment of certain television shows. One of which we watched tonight, was exceptionally awesome. Namely because it featured the one-and-only Seth Green (now whenever I think of him, I see him chasing Molly into the Franco's yard, so thanks for that). Although he was only on for about 3 seconds, it made our voices squeal when we saw his name in the opening credits.

Besides discovering that Claire is becoming orange like Lindsey, we also decided Gesa needs a new marketing direction, how gun shot wounds bring families together, why black people don't shop at Old Navy, and I informed her what owning a cell phone really says about a person.

Have you hugged a panda today?


09 November 2008

SlamQuest Epilogue: Warm Showers & Dry Socks

I feel inclined to write a retraction of a former blog in which I said I was going to die. That didn't happen as I'm sure everybody knew it wouldn't. I am also proud to say I did not kill anyone either. Although there were some close calls involving certain people invited to be leaders doing as little as possible to prove that they were worthy of such a title and some girls staying up way too late talking about--well, that's not important.
Alas, I have made a promise to myself to focus on the positive in this blog.

I did have a good time. I possibly even had a great time. Nothing completely earth-shattering or life-changing or all out spectacular, but in an entirely different way, eye-opening.

I feel pretty confident in saying that I've always been open, accepting, and patient especially when it comes to working with people, but lately God's really been showing me that there's a lot more to it. That I can't just tolerate certain people's existence, but I have to accept that they have their own ways of doing things, their own quirks, their own flaws and even gifts. Burning the candle to the wick, I can't do everything and I can't be everything.
He is amazing and deserves my focus.

And that's all I have to say.

Besides, Linnea just sent me a message to get off the computer and work on my paper. I love that she cares, even if it is to torture me.


SlamQuest Part 2: The Wait

It's all done.
It's all over.
And now we wait.
And wait.
For one lone parent who has no idea where they're going.
It's called following the car in front of you.
Trying not to be bitter, but when 34 are waiting on one, and energy and patience are running low it's hard to be anything but.

Just so I don't sound entirely resentful and pessimistic, I did have a good weekend. I love these girls.
More later--


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07 November 2008

SlamQuest Part 1: The Parking Lot

I'm gonna die
I'm gonna die
I'm gonna die
Rebecca, the rest of the 6th graders are nothing compared to Olivia Coppock.
Plus, it's already snowing in the mountains.
And there's already one person I did not expect (and am not really looking forward to).

Let me be optimistic, please.

I'll be fine. Or the moon will be blue on the second Thursday in October...
Whatever happens first.
Molly--get the van ready.


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I leave for SlamQuest in 15 minutes. Well, West Side to be precise. But SlamQuest will soon follow.
I'm anxious. Scared, but excited. It's just a weekend, but it's a weekend in which I subject myself as leader to a group of middle-school girls. I'm sure it won't be like Ghormley. For one, there will be even more students. Hurray. Michelle will be there, but at last count, we were being seperated due to overwhelming numbers and overflowing cabins. That's a plus. So crowded there will be people on floors, but numbers also make it difficult for the students to focus, to concentrate and with such short time it's needed as much as possible.
The biggest let down to this whole thing is that WSC Youth Worship Band isn't playing, which is unfortunate. Last year was one of the highest points of worship in my life. It was one of the greatest "highs for Jesus" ever and I'm sure the whole team felt it. It drew us together even more and with so many new members, I wish we could have that experience again. But due to other events, it's not happening. This also means I'll more than likely be scoping out the band that is playing. A part of me hopes they're worse than us, so we can be right and feel even more resentment, but I know that's just the jealousy in me rearing it's ugly head. I hope they're good. I hope they draw the students in. I hope they bring us all together in praise of our King, because that is what this is all about.
So off I go. With uncertainty. Thinking about it now, I get nostalgic for summer. There will be no Kylan to wait for in the morning. No sharpie walri on chests. I may actually feel included b/c I have allies. (Although, Kylan, I do wish you were going.)
I think it's going to be a different experience and I'm excited.

I'm also going to be late....damn.

-KL (runs out door)