29 August 2011

Time to Get Away

Weekend getaway extravaganza provided by the Ginger Peach and Dowy Mitoh was a complete success. We frolicked at the beach, played multiple cutthroat games of Sorry, ate cupcakes, conversed and consumed some of the best fast Mexican food money can buy.

Love these peeps.


26 August 2011

Go Don't Stop

Fortune tonight.
Salem tomorrow.
Heck yes.

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19 August 2011

I Got This

Dear Rebecca Black,

You single-handedly (ok, ok, the biebs softened them up a bit) defeated the Nazis back in '45. I am so glad we have this video as testament to your involvement in this moderately world-changing event.

Upon seeing this, I immediately dug out all of my history textbooks (which are quite numerous) and sharpied your glorious name into each and every one.
Don't let the kids in your class get you down, they're just jealous that you defeated the Nazis, something no one else could hope to do but Abraham Lincoln--and he was kind of already busy making the world think he was dead so that he can swoop in and make a magnificent re-entrance in the near future/at the apocalypse.
Anyways--keep up the good work of fighting the good fight and saving us from power-hungry dictators.


15 August 2011

Her Namesake

Just spent a two-hour block at the ICU in Kadlec. Grandma O. is there with an assortment of tubes and wires, a head turban and an extreme-looking oxygen mask.
I have such a mixed bag of emotions in me right now that I don't even know how or what I'm feeling. Mostly exhausted and annoyed by my aunts. Oh Clarence, your stoic reserve didn't pass to any of your children. Skipped right on down to the next generation.
Prayers. Please?
Brain surgery yesterday went well, and she's too wired in and hopped up on pain meds to really respond to anything coherently. Her eyes are dazed and sad looking.

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03 August 2011

Ce Jeu

Noticed today that my hair is long again.
Weird how that happens.
Snip snip.

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