27 January 2010

No Regrets Not This Time

Say "Thank you".

To the mailman
To the volunteers
To the person who makes your coffee or hands you your cheeseburger

To your mentors
To your parents
To the people who have made a difference not only in your life, but in the world.

Two words
They're not that difficult
Though sometimes they stick in my mouth
I've decided to wield their power
So that they will not only change the person I am saying them to, but that they may change me as well.

Often it's the simple things we forget and the simple things that turn a day around.
In our crazy, busy world, it's so easy to get burned out. Recognition of a job well done or appreciation is necessary to keep us vibrant, to extend the wick, to show that we really do matter, what we do is not going unnoticed.

I've written this blog about five different ways in my head within the past hour and a half. This is how it stays, because at the core, this is what I mean.

Thank you.

13 January 2010

Runs Deeper Than My Bones

Today, Ben is 18.
So weird.

I remember being young (not that I'm not still on the youngish end of life) and thinking that 18 or even 20 is sooooo incredibly old. I remember not even being able to imagine being that old. It was out of the grasp of my naive mind.
Now this isn't to say that I don't feel the same about oh, let's say, being 40 or 50 right now. Whew, OLD. Kidding. Mostly.

On Monday, Sara asked if she could come over 10 or so minutes before Ben got home so she could talk to me. I thought, "Oh no! They're gonna break up, she's coming over to tell me in advance!" Then I was like, "Psh. Why would she talk to me about that! You crazy, KL."
I'm glad I can argue logically with myself. Turns out point two holds the most water.
She just wanted to ask if it was ok for her to come over at 6:30 this morning in order to surprise him. Being that they're both uber busy, it turns out this was the only time they would get to see each other.
When she arrived this morning, Ben was in the shower. He figured out pretty quick that Sara was here when Dad started saying "Sara" really loud. It worked out well though as he only spent about one minute in the bathroom as opposed to his usual 10 or 15 minute post-shower "steam baths" (I don't know (whoever said girls spend more time in front of the mirror than boys did not live in a household like mine)). Sara was waiting for Ben down in his room and he followed wrapped in a towel. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Well they're both 18 now."
Dad added, "And it's more than the speedo he normally swims in."
Ah, mental imagery.
Ben was quick to tell the both of us he was wearing boxers underneath the towel. How great for you.
He got some presents, drank some of the nastiness-in-a-cup that he calls coffee, then I left for work (to drink REAL coffee like a pro).
He's got swim team tonight. He swims a lot. Like, more than any sane person.
And I have Refinery.
So we probably won't see each other much, if at all, til late.

I'm glad he's my brother.
I couldn't really ask for a better one.
I wouldn't anyways.
I'm thankful for the 18 years we've had together and hope for many more to come.

I also want to wish a happy 20th to CBF! We'll celebrate it someday.

To all the babies born today: I wish you all the best.

Sell this House and Find

Two perspectives collide.
Is this the way all things are?
When forces meet, do they have to be so destructive?
Or is it that the unstoppable force is meeting the immovable object?
Sometimes the place we are makes me want to laugh til I cry.
Others, just cry.
I hear you talk and I roll my eyes.
Even though you can't see me, I roll my eyes.
Do you realize how ridiculous you are?
Or maybe I'm the crazy one.
Perhaps apathy has got the best of me.

And the fun just keeps on leaving. :)

02 January 2010

Mark My Words: I Might Be Something Someday

Goodbye 2009.
Hello 2010.

Dear 2009,
You were pretty swell. You went a bit fast, but we had some good times.
I got my first real job. It's awesome, most of the time.
I traveled to three different countries, two of them (Albania and England for a bit) on my 5th(?) mission trip. Canada was a blast and I am so very thankful for the people that went with me and the experiences we had, even sleeping in a baseball dugout. That trip freed me in quite a few ways.
I learned more about Russian history than I will ever want to know. Though I will be learning even more this year (can't wait).
Sounds kinda sad, but after two years at WSU TC, I made a friend that I actually do stuff with outside of school. Now we can learn about/be tortured by Russia together!
I was on the APNC at West Side (something anyone reading my blog even pseudo-regularly would know about).
I finally moved back into the real house.
Just kidding, it's still not done.
I had a kick-ass New Year's Eve.
I think that's about the gist of you.

So thanks for being a smokin' fine year,

Dear 2010,

I am looking forward to you. We had a shaky start with food poisoning, but I think we can make up for that.
I think some big things will be taking place on your watch. I'm already looking forward to the high school retreat in about 3 weeks. There's also the high probability of an extended "hiatus" from youth worship team. I'm quite relieved for that to occur as well. And April. Sweet, glorious April. Why can't you be here sooner?
Anyways, I hope we work out quite splendidly. I'm pretty sure we will. I guess that's it for now, I'm sure we'll see each other around. I look forward to it!

To 363 more days of unicorns, chap stick, and clean socks;

Hope all four of you reading this have a fantastic year to come as well! If not, I might be able to get you 2010's address and you can go have a word with it--crowbars are pretty effective as well.