24 October 2008

Coherence is Overrated

Today has been amazing.

I have had:
1 mug black tea
1 mug green tea
1 mug coffee
1 giant can Arizona Green Energy (which I wouldn't recommend unless your tastebuds are discombobulated)
1 mug of weird orange "effervescent C" stuff

My bladder flowith over.
Although I'm pretty sure half of the liquid is coming out of my nose instead.

Anyways, besides my sinuses being full of viscous lead and using half the box of Costco Kleenex, I'm doing well.

Getting lots done such as watching random youtube concerts, reruns of "Super Sweet 16", and an episode of "Engineering an Empire". Yay. I'm enjoying it, just feeling like accomplishing nothing.
I also don't think I'll be able to make it to practice for worship which is in about two and a half hours. I actually kinda like that idea. Thinking about it, I don't believe I've missed a single one in all two years that we've been doing this. And I know why.
Hmm. We'll see how it goes.

I actually do have some (possibly) worthwhile things to blog about, buuuuut I don't really think I am capable of being very serious and non-sarcastic right now. So deal with what you've got, or don't. I'll probably be back on in the next few days to write about one of the serious topics--if I can wrap my brain and emotions around them that is.


Oh, and don't bother writing, "I hope you feel better soon" and stuff like that b/c I will probably feel better tomorrow or Sunday at the latest (fingers crossed, thumbs pressed). A sick blog is probably not what anybody wants to read, but I won't apologize for putting it up. Nobody has to read everything I write. If that were the case, we'd all be in trouble.
So take care and I'll try not to pass this virus virtually.

11 October 2008

Mini-Sausages, DVDs, and Testosterone

Seriously. I need some friends that are girls.

I do not understand why a level 65 Hunter needs the "bow of righteousness" or why Rogue is better when they use shadow casting or whatever. Ok, truly, I probably do understand it, but I don't really want to have a ten minute converstion on it.

Anyone without a penis want to come to some movie nights?
Although the dirty jokes are aplenty. ;)

I don't really get the physics of urinals either...
probably for the best.

09 October 2008

Night After Sidewalk

My first class was cancelled today, so I have an ample amount of time with which to type as they didn't see it fit to send the email sooner than twenty minutes before class starts and therefore give those of us who don't live on campus the time to realize there is no class so we don't have to waste our energy rushing to get to said non-occuring class. Alas, I now have three hours of time to spend at glorious WSU TC before my next amazing class of the day. And to think I didn't want to get out of bed this morning?

On the last blog I posted, I asked for prayer with worship. To whoever read that and prayed, thank you. Friday and yesterday, anyway, were much better. Actually, God answered two of my biggest prayers in quick and concise ways. Love! My first huge concern was that I wasn't a leader. Now I know when I say that, it probably either sounds like I'm super conceited and egotistical--which is probably true--but I felt that being officially recognized as a "leader" in the full sense of the word would help with authority issues that I seem to have with some of the students on the team and well, actually maybe one of the adults as well. I'm in that awkward limbo-land area where I'm not "old" and official and paid to be there so I'm not viewed as a leader, but at the same time, I'm not in high school, friends with almost everyone on the team and could totally do something else with my time (I don't know what, but I sure as damn well could). Plus, I've been there pretty much every single Friday and Wednesday since this program started two years ago and I was leading worship solo an entire year prior to that (my indignity surfaces). So last week after an awful worship session at Refinery, I wrote an email to Michelle (finally) voicing all of my concerns, but I edited it before hitting the send button and removed the part about my desire to be named a leader and join in their secret meetings in which they sometimes make decisons about the program that I don't know I agree with 100%. Michelle responded to my less resentful email basically agreeing with me and asking if I wanted to be an official leader. Jake and she felt that after being a Trainee for the summer, I now have the skill and responsiblity to be a leader. I'm pretty sure I had that before summer started, but I'll take what I can get.

This is getting kinda long, I know. My hypothesis is that because I don't talk much, I write more. Either that or the fact that I have no friends. Kidding. Somewhat.

Second answered prayer: After making me a leader, I was informed that I would be leading next week's (tomorrow's) practice by myself. Oh sweet Jesus. I guess I do already lead Wednesdays all by myself (Eric Carmen anyone?). Nevertheless, I was a wee bit scared. Then last night during prayer requests, Michelle laughs and tells me Sarah will be there. Goody! If nothing else, more than one leader is required to help keep the surplus of participants on track and focused. That is hands down our biggest issue.

So worship and I are doing better. We haven't worked out all of our issues yet, but slowly I hope to get there. I want to make this relationship work. And I still have my Takamine and Jesus waiting at home for me after my group worship spirit has left me.

Well that ginormous blog killed about half an hour. Only two and a half to go. Illegally downloaded tv show time? I'm thinking yes.

Oh and to those of you struggling with decisions and perhaps the answers from God that come with those big decisions, read Romans 12:12. Seriously, my new favorite verse. Saves in a pinch.


02 October 2008

So Much For So Little

I really love days like today. It's pretty much the epitome of a fall day. The sky is gray, it's sprinkling rain on and off, the leaves are caught half-way between green and orange, it's still warm enough to wear short-sleeves (although I am wearing jeans), class got out early. Love it.

Although I wouldn't want days like this all the time. I'm sure I'll grow sick of them by mid-to-late-October, but for now I really appreciate the beauty that comes with a cloudy day.

I was going to post an entirely serparate blog with the following topic, but now that I'm here, I might as well keep on.
We are two weeks into Refinery/BASIC. It's going swimmingly (<-I don't know exactly what that means, but I felt like it applied. edit: dictionary.com says it does). In other words, it's going really well. After literally TONS of self-debate and going over the two groups I have opportunity to work with, I choose to stick with Refinery for Wednesday evenings. I will be with HS on Wednesdays, but still spend quality time with my mid-highers on Sundays at Sunday School and Catalyst. I think it's working out majestically.
Some small difficulities arise when I get nostalgic and think about my small group last year. That was an unbeatable group. But this year is good too, just in different ways.
However, the real problem I have with Wednesdays emerges with worship. I won't go into the details, because it would be a huge rant full of negativeness. If you would, please pray for it and for patience and understanding. I am facing major burnout with it and I do not want worship to hold that place for me or any of the students.

Well, I think it is now time to watch some ANTM before my next class. Hope you're having an awesome 2nd day of October.


Not Really Scared

As many cliche teenagers around the continental U.S. say, "Music is freaking amazing, dude." As I am a cliche teenager, I make that statement in confidence.
It's always so much easier to find oneself in music than anywhere else...at least I think it is.

some choice lines that are on my mind:

It’s times like this I think too much
It’s times like this I think too much
Oh please don't think too much

Cause I can’t let you in
Cause these walls have been built

But you said I’m out on a ledge
Come stand with me
I need the company
I need the company

And panel by panel
And piece by piece
This all fits together but its not what you think
Oh there I go again
Oh there I go again

You said I’m out on a ledge
Come stand with me
I need the company
I need the company and
I'm trying to get you in
I'm trying to get you over and
I'm trying to be brave
I'm trying to be brave
This is me trying to be brave

If anybody out there can name this song, or at least this band without using a search engine--cheater--then you are my new best musical friend.