19 July 2010

I'm Halfway There

Molly e-mailed me today saying she's "obsessed" with T&S.
I reminded her how much she despised and ridiculed them at first glance.
Let that be a lesson to you, Miss Mongo. Never scoff at my judgment and recommendations, especially when concerning talented Canadian twins.

It is in celebration in converting another soul to T&S that I write, well that and I have 35 minutes to kill before I go to work.

I spent a good chunk of my time yesterday finally sorting out all of the sheet music I have accumulated over the span of my worship career. It was kinda ridiculous the number of copies I had of some songs, and by "kinda", I mean REALLY. I'm pretty sure I piled my countless packets into a corner in my room and didn't touch them for three or four years. Add that to the number of different teams and people I've played with and that makes for quite a hefty stack. It made me nostalgic to think of all the groups I've played with: about four Youth Sundays, two Trainee Sundays, four Deputations, CFM Sunday School, Pathfinder Musicals (I don't really miss those), and six or so years of Youth Worship band.
I miss playing with people. I miss having that team. I miss having a place.

I don't know if I'll play this fall when programs kick off again. At this point, I don't know if there will really even be a program, at least a program like any sort I've been involved in before. If there is something, who knows if I'll even be able to participate due to school and work.

Oh well, one of the benefits of playing guitar is that you can play it without any accompaniment and it sounds just fine, at least so long as I can still play worth a darn.

I kid you not, there are probably 13 "Undignified"s and 11 "I Am Free"s in that there front pile alone.

To never playing in Hans Bronson again,

13 July 2010

I'm Not Unfaithful, But I'll Stray

I don't know if you've noticed, but I haven't blogged in awhile.
I know, weird.

I suppose the desire to type out anecdotal evidence of my existence has just left the building. Typing out pieces of my day or how I'm feeling to people who may or may not be reading has very little appeal to me anymore. I don't know what I'm supposed to say. I don't know what I should write.

The truth?


Since when has anyone ever wanted the truth. Least of all me.

I don't mean to be negative about the whole blog-writing shtick, but it's just not what I wanted it to be. Now, this isn't to say that I'm leaving forever, I may or may not resurface (hell, maybe even tomorrow (but don't hold your breath)). I'd just rather have real conversations, real relations of my day, my life, my thoughts, feelings, desires. I know that's not possible for some people reading this, per se (i.e. Chile...?).

hmm, awkwardly transitioned ending?