25 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Hope everybody has a good one.

We're going to the G'pas for Lasagna (mmm).

Be safe, tell someone you love them, and take some time to appreciate what beauty surrounds you.


Obviously the best part of Christmas--getting Fred Meyer's Black Friday Sock Sale socks. Cottony-goodness.

17 December 2008

A rooftop crow's nest in a sea swell.

Ketchup blog.

I'm lying in my bed, bundled in blankets, contemplating whether or not I should walk to my next destination. Sadly enough, Refinery was cancelled for tonight due to snow we got over the weekend. It's not even all that bad out anymore (though it is threatening to snow again). Yet, people don't seem to plan their church meetings over how I feel about it. I know, right. Anyways, I'm really bummed that it's cancelled because Refinery is the highlight of my week and we're already taking the next two weeks off in order to celebrate Christmas and New Year's with our families. Priorities....psch, whatever. At least I won the consolation prize (I just now realized the basis of that word. huh.) and am going over to the Shupe's for a needed game of Monopoly. So at least that should be fun. Well, unless the girls start dominating and the boys get all pouty (although some of them are working on it more than others). I think I'll walk. Warm jacket, gloves; set.

I have finished two finals, two to go. Today was probably the most daunting. Two essays, two hours, I read maybe half the material. I think I did pretty well, even though I basically just did bulimic studying and filled the entire blue book and then some with five minutes to spare. At least it's over.
I also successfully signed up for next semester, probably about a full month later than most students, but it's not like there is much to choose from. Good ol' WSU-TC, building up their repertoire slowly but not quite surely. If nothing else, it's always interesting to see what this school comes up with. I'll throw in mildly frustrating to boot.

Let's see, what else. Cuz I know everybody is anxiously awaiting updates on my oh so fascinating existence.
How about something nobody except somebody who doesn't even read this cares about:
Survivor. Bob shouldn't have won. Sugar should have. Corrin is a stupid cow that needs to, as Devin would casually put it, go play in traffic.
End rant.

If your name starts with M and ends with olly, or S and arah or any combination, then this may or may not be what you've been reading to get to. I did not physically attack a chair. I think all of the time I had to mentally prepare myself changed my feelings from an intense rage to strong disappointment. I respect the fact that she actually put herself out there and told me the truth. I realize now that she was very scared of how I'd react.
Time. A good friend and a terrible enemy.
So thank you Sarah, Molly and anyone else who prayed for me. She's really the one that needs it.

Also, just so it can be proclaimed in cyberspace for all to know: I hate Christmas music. Truly, deeply, with a passion. For the entire month, that is all iTunes has had on free music Tuesday and it really irks me. I always cringe the day after Thanksgiving and everybody suddenly feels the need to play "Jingle Bells", "Silent Night", "White Christmas" and all those other eardrum piercing songs that many artists try to make their own and fail and they don't stop playing this music until January. Seriously, thank you sweet Jesus for the CD player in my car and my ipod.

So that's about it. If you read all this, bravo to you. I am obviously still reeling from vomiting all of my accumulated knowledge on the povery in American history final this morning. One more day. I may or may not post more over break depending how lazy I am and how many boring moments of my life I can really muster to write about in a public forum.

Until then I wish you all hot cocoa, chapstick and healthy cuticles.

10 December 2008


Bet on them.

09 December 2008

Meet Geraldine, your social worker.

Hello dear reader(s?).

This post is merely a request.
If you do not like requests to be made to you, especially over the internet, then pretend this is the end of the post and go about your merry life.

If however you are willing and able to do something for me, continue.

Request: Please pray for me.

Tomorrow, at noon-thirty, I am picking up a friend and we are having coffee, but more importantly, we are probably going to converse. Without giving too many details, I am about 99% positive that this person is going to tell me something I don't want to hear. Something bad.
I am going to need to be able to react with compassion and generosity (as I was smacked in the face to remember tonight, thanks God). I don't have much confidence I can do this. Not in this situation anyways. More than likely, I will stew in silence and not say anything for fear of screaming in a public place, or possibly attack the very chair I will be sitting on in brute and merciless force.

I am not looking forward to the (potential) disaster tomorrow brings and would radically appreciate your prayers.

Flabergastion awaits,

Attempt to lighten the mood...