03 August 2009

Sunlight Wakes Me Just To Say Let's Go To Sleep Now


I'm home. I'm tired. My skin is tanner (socks!). My hands are rougher. My thoughts are migrating. I'm happy I went. I'm happy I'm home.

I'm not going to lie. This trip was tough. I felt out of place going into it, unsure if this was really something I should do. Some people were hard to work with, some people were just hard to be with. Thankfully, God dropped a lot of my expectations going into the trip and I felt calm and ready to just walk with him. Unfortunately, humanity is still a struggle and fear is never far behind.

Well, 9-hour jet lag is getting the best of me. I should be waking up, not going to bed. Sigh.
I will post again. Soon. As in like, maybe tomorrow? Yeah. Plenty of pictures and stories to share.

Peace out home-dogs.