16 February 2009

If I Keep Up This Way

I admit, the wedding was actually quite good. Many moments of silently chuckling to myself about the little things.

Between "Kevin's Cool Car", aching feet, death-metal-t-shirt-clad-best-men, seeing a smile on her face, being followed by a zombie, having a 12-year-old try and do my hair, and Jewish dancing; it was a good time. And I'm actually somewhat content that it has finally gotten to this point.

The most important part of it all though, was what God convicted me of and spelled out to me the next morning in such a blatant way:
"A friend loves at all times" -Proverbs 17:17
I am so sick of living by a double standard, in so many ways. He's gently nudging me to the truth and giving me the compassion and eyes I need for the road ahead.


P.S. Two bits of awesomeness, just because it's a holiday (and I need to undermine any seriousness that just went on).

13 February 2009

Are You Ten Years Ago

This weekend is going to be a roller-coaster.

Now, under normal circumstances, I rather enjoy roller-coasters. Get your head and neck whacked around while moving at high speeds, listening to the people around you screaming. Pure joy.

Emotion roller-coasters, as one could imagine, are quite a horse of a different color.

Tomorrow, I head off to the magical land of corn fields and keggars. And no I'm not going all the way to Iowa. Strangely enough, for the first time ever I'm going up to WSU. The "official" one. But that's not the exciting part, so if you were holding your breathe with anticipation, this is the time....I'm going to retrieve the tall one known as Maribeth and kidnap her away to Canada. Except she probably won't have her passport on her, so we'll probably just come back to the TC.

I'm actually really excited. I lurve roadtrips (the few that I have taken). Halfway by myself, halfway with one of my best friends = awesome. Plus, there is a high probability that I will get to see another great friends of mine, Jaymee, whom I haven't seen since her birthday. Last May.

So that's the fun part. And let's face it, this wouldn't be KaraLynn's blog without a mellow-dramatic downside somewhere.

Pretty much directly after our return from roadtrip bliss, we will be setting up and readying for rehersal, for a wedding.

First off--not a fan.
Not that weddings aren't nice and all...
But formal is not my style. And yes, I will be standing in front of God knows how many people in a dress. Thank Jesus I won't be at the center of it, but it will still be very unnerving.
It also doesn't help that I don't really agree with the method of problem solving. But that's another blog entirely. Actually, that's too much emotion and history for any form of mass communication....I love ellipses...have you noticed?

The oldest picture I could find of all of us (minus me of course) on digital. Summer '04. My how things were different...