28 September 2008

Where the World Drops Off

I have made a new resolution not to sit at the table while they are having a "discussion" about money or the house.
Dinner is not the time or place for that. Truly I wish there was no place for that. Between his loyalty laying in the national economy and fear of total collapse and her inability to see from anybody else's perspective, the result is quite unpleasant.
I wonder if this is how other children feel. That always other 50%.
Like many other things, it will probably only get worse before it gets better.
I'm worried more about Ben than about them. Thankfully he now has a used-to-be-homecoming-date-and-now-I'm-pretty-sure-she's-his-girlfriend to help him out. He needs that.

I pray that this all gets finished quick and that, if possible, we all come out more or less unscathed. If nothing else, this has given me an amazing opportunity to immerse myself in faith and in Him. May I remember that.


15 September 2008

Future > Present

So why should I worry?
Why do I freak out?
God knows what I need,
You know what I need.

What do I need?
Whatever it is, I think I could use it right about now.
Help me to sell everything I am for what I've found.
Invade my heart, invade this broken home.

Romans 8:18-26
Help us in our weakness, intercede, that we may be brought into Your glorious freedom.

13 September 2008

Glorious Freedom

So, it's Saturday evening. I'm watching a movie with my parents, my brother and his future-homecoming-date-but-not-yet-girlfriend-though-he-wishes-she-were. I'm not really into the movie, The Bucket List, and thus I am typing this.

The past couple weeks have been: blah.
Go to school, come home, read, watch tv, do whatever else I can to pass the time.

However, things are finally starting back up. After an unbearably long break, youth worship team has started again. Begin drama fest...now. Seriously, there is pretty much nothing more dramatic than youth worship team...well, other than a few choice middle school girls (some of whom are joining the team this year, so I rescind to the former).
Mid-week bible study is also starting in two weeks with leader training next week. I cannot necesarilly put into words how excited I am for this to start. So I won't. Just know, I'm stoked.

Molly, this part's for you, because you asked:
My grandpa is doing better. My dad got him into an assisted living facility. The condition I couldn't remember he has is Parkinson's. He's a proud guy and my dad was really worried that putting him in a place where he would be monitored and get lots of help would make it really tough, but he seems to be doing really well. The problem now is, while he was over there, my dad noticed that Claudia, his stepmom, is probably in even more need of care than my grandpa. Her mental capactiy is just not there. She couldn't figure out how to start the car, turn the lights on or what she had/hadn't told my dad. But dad's trip ended and he came back and told her daughter to go see her and see what she thought of the situation. This week, he got a phone call from where my grandpa is staying telling him that Claudia needs help and if nothing gets done soon, that they will call Adult Protective Services. So he will probably go back to HI within the next week or so and there are a whole lot of other things involved in that but this is already really long...
In other Molly news, I have pretty much mastered Your Love is Strong. I love it. Although I have to put it up half a step b/c even my voice is not low enough to reach Jon's. Anyways, thank you so much for showing me that song.

To everyone else reading this, I wish you were here. Yes, here watching the movie with my mom and Ben and his...'friend'. But alas, you are not here, so I hope that wherever you are, you are exactly where you need to be and that in being there you are having a great time and living life to your fullest potential. Yes, The Bucket List is almost over.

For world peace and pandas everywhere

09 September 2008

Thus This

If I were to blog about Tuesday classes, it would be pointless.

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