28 December 2009

About as Much Sense as a Nursery Rhyme

It's been almost three weeks since I've posted. I would blame finals, but they're finally over. I would blame APNC, but that's mostly over as well. So I guess I'll just blame will.

Brief run-down:
Finals went fine. Grades were appreciated--even the stupid Russian/Writing History course went well. I think it helped that we had a bigoted, right-wing, nut job in the class who accused us all of being communists. He also threw out candy as prizes during his oral presentation...I don't really have high hopes for him.

We have a youth pastor joining us mid-January. Just in time for the HS retreat at Bozarth--something I and many others were hoping would work out. His name is Stuart and he came HIGHLY recommended. I have spent very little time getting to know him (and even less his wife, Colleen), but his Sunday School lesson was great and all the students enjoyed him and that speaks volumes to me.
I am sorry for the other candidates and their families. We got to know some really great people and I wish them all the best. I wish some could still come hang out.

Work is work. Yesterday I subbed for Brandon, who just had a baby and his girlfriend was in the hospital for popped cesarean stitches. Subbing for him put me on close with KayLea, who is one of the girls they hired this past summer, making her and I two of the newest people there. We've never closed together before. It was insane. Because it was the weekend after Christmas, lots of people were leaving town for home and decided to order giant lists of giant drinks on their way out. I think it's perfectly reasonable to be a bit enraged at the man/family who orders 6 large drinks in the drive-thru then doesn't tip a penny.
Regardless, KayLea and I had fun even in the midst of madness. It was exhausting though.

Speaking of work, my manager has gotten Brandon, Cory and I to start watching Lost.
It's a show I always knew I would watch, it was just a matter of when.
I'm half-way through season 2 and I find it to be "alright".
A list:
What I like--Locke, Sun, the scenery, numbers (though I miss 47), flashbacks, how I feel like I need to be on narcotics to understand certain aspects
What I don't like--anything to do with Jack, Michael, Charlie, Walt's dog, how everything has to be solved with fists or guns. Actually, my list of things I don't like could go on, but I watch the show anyways. So what does that say about me.

Ok, my bloggingness is fizzing-out and I'm being distracted by $5 mp3 albums on Amazon.
Maybe I'll do some sort of "end of the year blog special extravaganza". But if you hold your breath for it, you might die. So don't.

Who said days-off can't be at least semi-productive,

09 December 2009

Legs to Make Us Longer

we have a new youth pastor at WS!
More to follow when I don't have a Russian presentation looming over me.
Thank you my friends for your prayers these last months!

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04 December 2009

Confetti's More Fun Than Paper

It never fails.
The Friday I have something major due, directly followed up by something else, is always the Friday that Katey can't work.
Now, I'll forgive her cause she's nice...well, except for that one morning she scheduled off because she was going to the premiere of "New Moon".

Regardless, my day began at 5:30.
Mmm 20* darkness. How I love you.

Fridays are kind of a hectic day down at ol' Barracuda. I can never remember if "Friday On" or "Friday Off" is more busy. Whichever one today was, that's the one.

The end of this story that I'm trying to get to is that I had a paper due today. And by paper, I mean, freaking-mass-of-boring-crap-and-way-too-long-requirement-to-ever-benefit-mankind. I was less than thrilled. It doesn't help that I really don't like the prof. Usually, if I like the prof at all, or just have a general respect for them, I'll put a good amount of effort into it. This guy is kind of a jerk. He's probably one of the most brilliant people I will ever meet. No lie. But he's pretty full of himself and his scholarly ways. And he likes Russia. Really, I think that's where my fundamental fountain of dislike for him stems from.

So, I'm "a history major". I like history. People sometimes gag when I admit that. I'm used to it.
If I were to pick one place and one time of history to NOT study, it would probably be Soviet Russia. Guess what my entire semester of "Writing History 300" has been about?
Did you guess? Eastern Polynesia during the Age of Imperialism, you say? Nope. What is Stalinism and Soviet Russia, Alex?

I could go on complaining about this man and how the other class I'm taking from him (a 102) is probably 9.4x harder than any other course I've yet to take in my entire academic career, but I won't.

So this paper. It was due electronically at 5 PM. I sent it in at about 5:03.
It was crap.
I'm kind of ashamed. But what am I gonna do? I felt no interest, no tie, no inspiration to this paper. It was probably the most cut and dry assignment I've ever had to do. And oh yeah, it was supposed to be 12-15 pages.

It wouldn't surprise me if I get a 'C'.
That'd be new.

What is surprising is how done I am.
I'm so tired of school. Fifteen years is so long. Too long. The majority of my life has been spent in education.
Now, I have nothing against education. I rather enjoy learning. I just wish we didn't weigh our futures so heavily upon what we learn within the first quarter of our lives. Shouldn't all of life be a learning process? Why do we have to have it all done, in the formal sense, so early on?
The quandaries of a third-year college student.

After the paper-which-shall-not-be-named, I drove off to Ralph's for yet another APNC dinner. This time I bought the beans. My hamburger was burnt. So eventful.
Mostly, I went upstairs with the chill'uns. I actually got little Rebecca K. to smile and play with me! That right there was a feat I never expected to accomplish.

Let me just say how awesome it is being around the kids and youth at events such as these. Not APNC in particular, but any such function. Don't get me wrong, I love me a little "Adult Time", but being around kids is just so much more rewarding. As long as you're goofy and willing to be on their level (which vertically I easily am), they'll take you in. They're agendaless! They won't ask, "so what did you think of this" or "so how was your day", but not really care. There's little need for awkward, forced conversation.
Therefore, most of my post-dinner time was spent catching ribbon butterflies shooting out of an elephant's trunk and playing hot-potato with various balloons. And I enjoyed myself.

Now, what says Post-APNC-dinner-after-party in KaraLynn's mind?
I'm glad you asked.

Crashing a 14-year-old's birthday party, duh.

Don't you just love it when you think your entire evening is going to suck and it actually turns out way better than you thought possible? I know I do.

Although it was kind of ironic that at this after-party, we watched Anastasia. I did however inform the naive girls that in reality, Anastasia was brutally murdered with the rest of her family. No one escaped. Even the evil Rasputin was poisoned, drowned, shot, and thoroughly hypothermiated to the death.
Now that's enjoyable history at work.

Cheers to the immensely inaccurate animated portrayals of historical events which will forever be etched into the future generations' minds (Disney's Pocahontas, this means you!),