19 March 2011

Nothing New to Tell You

Dear Mongo-Sloth,
I'm at 70 songs, time to start narrowing down. Realistically, you should come home more often so I can just burn you a different CD every time. Es verdad.

In other related news of goodness, our exchange student just admitted that "'Glee' is hilarious". Another faithful convert.
He's been watching the second season, backwards I might add, so I told him if he wanted to start from the beginning all he had to do was say "Sue Sylvester".

We're struggling right now to find another slave at the Cuda. Well, we have some prospective employees, but the triumvirate is divided. I think it's coming down to an emotions vs. logistics decision and it's just plain not fun. I would even go so far as to deem it "stressful". Something I don't need, especially as I breakaway into the final seven weeks of my undergraduate life.

Oh well, this is what I'm accustomed to, it'll be weird when I don't have school anymore. But then again, I have a feeling I won't stay out of it one way or the other for very long.

I hope you've prepared yourself for this mix of majesticness, because it has been prepared for you.

15 March 2011

The Betrayer

Contemplating adding the words "hell no" to my vocabulary.


14 March 2011

A Horse is Not a Home

A. put in her two weeks today.
To say I am bummed, is putting it lightly.
Who is A.? An awesome, awesome gal. She works hard, laughs a lot, enjoys making funny faces with me, listens to sick music, does weird dance moves with her spidery arms and legs and puts up with the stupid afternoon boys.

The Triumvirate of Cuda (Jake, Michelle and I) have three interviews tomorrow. We're looking for someone that comes endowed with experience in the coffee biz already so that we can hopefully cut down on the extensive training period by any fraction we can. There were already plans to hire someone else, but with this new development, it's even more important we find someone exceptional.

As it is, maybe half of our current staff is actually trained to make drinks/work bar which makes it rough when 4/5 of us want Sundays off to go to church.
It's just madness--sheer madness.
Ok, not really, but it would be nice to have a reprieve. And after spending hours training A. to fill position, it totally whomps that she's leaving. But again, not her fault and she will be missed more than she knows.

So back to the drawing board and back to the grindstone. Whistling all the way.


11 March 2011

Hard To Be

We made a mistake.

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