26 June 2011

Don't Tell Me You Don't Know

The end of an era. I think my days in youth ministry at WS are behind me, at least with the current regiment in place. This past year has been phasing out everything--and everyone. No utilization of those who came before. No peer respect. No integration of relationships I've been building since they were in their single-digits.
I love those kids. I won't let this stop me.
I don't know if our decision was a mistake in terms of what's best for the youth, but it certainly didn't click in any way for me. I won't make this a tug-of-war, but I will not be disappearing completely either.
Church may be about politics, but Faith is about relationships.
Faith and love will always win this heart in the face of what sin may govern against it.

16 June 2011

Let Your Love Grow Tall

This is why I fought so hard against getting an exchange student.
I knew all along that the end would come. Leaving was inevitable. That I would mourn.
And so here we are
And off you go
And here I stay
I should be getting good at this by now.

02 June 2011

If It's What You Want

I can change, I can change.

I am learning every day.

I know I can.

I'll be a better man.